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Making ceramic dishes

The piece of claywork carved by the maker is soft and plastic at first but after heating it becomes solidly unchangeable. The created art pieces are unique and free of clichés. Makers with special needs require assistance from instructors who know the material well for their works to turn out better.


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Saori style weaving

Weaving on Saori-axes is limitless therapic work that offers creative satisfaction. It's like playing a musical instrument that emits colours instead of sounds or like painting where the paintbrush is a shuttle and the canvas is the yarn on warp. Weave exactly as you wish, express your emotions, enjoy the process of the WORK, it makes you happy!

Music therapy

Successful everyday life in the society requires being level-headed. Good cooperation with a music therapist helps change the mood so that teamwork would flow effortlessly and social interactions would stay stress free.

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